Erika & Michael Cremo | Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity (video)

Michael Cremo is the author of the controversial book “Forbidden Archeology” which exposes the “knowledge filter” in science by examining how evidence for extreme human antiquity is handled by the scientific community. Erika and Michael will discuss the fossil record, the knowledge filter and evidence for extreme human antiquity.

Erika (Gutsick Gibbon) is a current Masters of Research student in Primate Biology, Behavior and Conservation with a BSA in Pre-Professional Animal Science and minors in Anthropology and in Biology. She runs a YouTube channel making videos concerning primates, general zoology, paleontology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology! She also spend a hefty amount of time debunking Young Earth Creationism, which She finds to be an enjoyable hobby akin to debunking Flat Earth.
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