Bhaktivedanta Manor – ISKCON Educational Services springs back into action

The 20th of September marked the beginning of a new term of school visits after a lull due to the pandemic. The teachers, who brought along 70 children that day, were very eager to experience the arati in the temple room. One said “the arati is so magical and is the most important part of the visit.” She also shared that it is always her favorite trip and she is already looking forward to her next visit next year! She has been visiting the Manor with her school for 12 years now and became vegetarian after hearing the explanations about karma and cow protection while on the visit. She proudly describes herself as a friend of Krishna.

One young boy said “it was the best trip ever!” A girl tasted the prasad and declared “it is heaven on a plate!”

The students got to visit the shrine and hear about Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda, arati demonstration, a visit to the goshala with explanations on cow protection and vegetarianism. They also enjoyed an interactive presentation explaining our main beliefs, prasad, traditional Odissi dance workshop and a dress up and gopi dots session.

3.400 students that will visit the temple this October, November and December. If you see the students visiting the Temple, smile and wave, you will be making a lifelong positive impression on them.