New US Ambassador-Designate to India Welcomes Faith Leaders to His New Delhi Residence

Eric Garcetti, the new US Ambassador-designate to the Republic of India, hosted senior faith leaders at his residence on April 24, 2023. Among the honored guests was Yudhistir Govinda Das, ISKCON’s Director of Communications for India.

Before his March 2023 appointment by President Biden, Garcetti served as the 42nd mayor of Los Angeles (2013-2022), where he visited the ISKCON Los Angeles Temple and Govinda’s Restaurant and attended the annual beachside Ratha Yatra.

“It was a very pleasant exchange, and he was very welcoming and down to earth. Over the dinner, he told us that he has been to India several times since his childhood. He seemed quite aware of the culture and traditions of our country and is a yoga practitioner with his sister. Since he already knew the Hare Krishnas (ISKCON) from his LA connection, I had the opportunity to discuss our temples in Mayapur and Delhi, which he promised to visit in the near future,” said Yudhistir Govinda Das.