UK Healthcare on a #Well-being## mission

Nurses and doctors on a well-being tour to India organised by Sukanti Radha devi dasi visited ISKCON Delhi Temple and had an amazing Bhagavad Gita Experience.

ISKCON Delhi houses the world’s biggest Bhagavad Gita weighing 800 Kg. Topics on Karma, the soul and becoming vegetarian became a very thought provoking idea for discussion in the group.

It was a very informative experience for all. Several nurses got inspired to get a copy of the Gita to study further the nectar they had just tasted. For some it was a life changing experience. The group enjoyed a sumptuous meal at ISKCON Govindas. The team expressed that if they could eat these kinds of tasty meals daily then they could easily be a vegetarian🍒🥬🍉 . On return to the UK, Sukanti Radha devi d€si is preparing a follow up culinary excursion for the group at ISKCON Leicester to experience Vegetarian cooking.

Thank you to Govindas Restaurant at ISKCON Delhi for making the meals less spicy to accommodate this visit. Thank you to Dr Krishna Priya Das for arranging the tour for us and ISKCON Delhi for a warm welcome to our NHS staff and giving them an amazing experience.