Niti-Aayog (Indian Govt’s Think-Tank) to Develop “Gaushala🐮Economy”: A Step Towards Commercial Use of Cow products in India & Abroad

The Niti Aayog is working on a road plan to build the ‘gaushala economy,’ which would allow commercial use of Cow urine and cow Dung for a variety of applications both in India and abroad.

A government team led by Niti Aayog member Ramesh Chand has been touring large gaushalas in Vrindavan, Rajasthan, and Other regions of India to examine their situations and present a report with something like a road map to help the gaushala economy.

A senior government source told ET that the report, which outlines the economic potential of cattle and the procedures needed to harness the gaushala economy, will be released shortly. According to a senior government official, the study explaining the economic potential of cattle and the actions required to harness the gaushala economy would be submitted soon.

The Goal -: To Make Gaushalas Economically Viable

“The goal is to make gaushalas economically viable. There is enormous potential for using cow urine and cow manure in natural farming with an emphasis on natural farming.

According to the official, once the milk yield of Indian cattle is reduced, they turn into unproductive resources. “With an emphasis on other cattle outputs, they may remain to be a revenue source for the gaushalas and the nation as a whole,” the official added.

Cow urine is in high demand 📈 in industries such as pharmaceuticals and herbal products, in addition to its usage as a fertilizer. Furthermore, cow dung may be transformed into gaukasth or cow dung logs that can be utilized in crematoriums.

Madhya Pradesh: A Perfect Example

Madhya Pradesh has set an example for the rest of the country by incentivizing farmers to raise cattle and practice natural farming. The state has also established cow sanctuaries and shelters to care for its cattle, and the concepts could be duplicated throughout India.

The National Dairy Development Board reports that India has 192.5 million cattle and 109.9 million buffaloes in 2019, bringing the total bovine population to whooping 302.3 million. As per Statista, the number will reach more than 305 million in 2021, making it the biggest in the world, with the worldwide cattle population standing at 996 million.