World’s Largest šŸš©Democracy – India (BharatVarsh) CommemoratesšŸŽ‰ its 73rd Republic(Gan-Rajya)Day – A Nation Rooted in Sanatana Dharma

About 6000 years ago, there was only one religion in the whole world, whose name was Sanatana Dharma and also called Vedic Religion.

The simple meaning of Sanatan Vedic religion was to live life in the manner described in the Vedas. The Vedic route, which was the only means to take human life to its height in every way.

Then there were only two castes in the whole world, one was the Aryans who were Vedamargi and the other non-Aryans who did not follow the Vedas.

  • The question arises what are the Vedas? Who wrote these?

The Vedas, which are the root of Sanatana Dharma, are self-manifested texts from Almighty God, whose author is none, but they are a manifestation of God from God.

There is a misconception among people that Maharishi Veda Vyas Ji composed the Vedas. While the truth is that the Vedas were already available thousands of millions of years before the birth of Maharishi Veda Vyasa.

In our tradition, Vedas were called Veda Bhagwan because of their origin from God. It is said that everything said in it is considered to be a matter of God.

Since Vedamarga is difficult to follow, and the instinct of humanity is that people are attracted to the simple, so people abandon Vedmarga.

Our Vedas are based on complete knowledge science. Many Upanishads have emerged from the Vedas. Eighteen Puranas have come out of the Vedas. Many other texts, which have been composed by our great scholar Maharishis, are written as proof of the Vedas.

Since Vedas are in Sanskrit language and authentic scholars of Sanskrit language are lacking day by day, it is very difficult to understand the reading of Vedas.

Even after suffering many traumas, our culture has survived our tradition so far, the only reason for it is our very sacred Guru-Shishya tradition.

In Guru Shishya tradition, the Guru gives to his deserving disciples ,all the knowledge received from his masters and all experiences realized by himself, according to the qualifications . And the disciple advances it in chronology.

Macaulay conspired to end this tradition in a planned manner, under which todayā€™s modern education system was developed.

The place between Vindhyachal and Himalaya Mountains was called Aryavarta in ancient times, the north of Himalayas was called Sindh. When the British came, they called the area between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean as Hind, and the people living here called Hindu, the word Hind gradually became Ind and the name of this region became India.

Hindu which is basically a modern adaptation of Sanatan Dharma and Hindutva is the lifestyle of that great tradition.

Every aspect of life has been explained in scientific, social, topical and logical way in our religious texts.

Our texts tell us how to do everything from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night-

# How we should sleep?

# How to wake up.. ?

# How to speak & how to listen?

# How to walk, how to stop, how to eat, what to eat, why to eat ..?

# Who should stay away from, with whom, when Should do, when, what, what should not be done, etc.?

Many things are told on a very scientific basis. Our Hindutva tradition is the oldest tradition in the world. All the civilizations of the world have learned something from us.

How many civilizations formed and disappeared in the world, it is the only Hinduism civilization that has been able to prove its pride from the times of eternity, which is superior.

The proof of our strength is that we have survived by suffering endless blows.

A civilization in the world lasts for a long time only when it assimilates scientific, logical, philosophical, geographical, economic, social and topical circumstances and proves its relevance and our Hindutva lives 100 percent on it.

The proof of our superiority is that everyone has tried to eradicate us, but we have survived.

The proof of our tolerance is that we did not attack anyone.

The proof of our generosity is that we accepted everyone.

Where today the so-called modern western civilization considers the world as a market, our Hindutva considers the world as a family. Hindu is the only community in the world that visits all the religious places and gives equal respect to everyone.

We believe in the concept of universal brotherhood. We have believed God in every particle. Yes, there are many beliefs, Mayavadi, Tatwawadi , Dwait, Adwita etc. everyone gets equal respect.

The proof of our prosperity is that all the civilizations of the world have learned something from us.

Many civilizations were built and destroyed since time immemorial, but the eternal Vedic civilization, which was later called Hindutva, was still today and will remain so in the future.

## We are proud of our Hindu heritage & Our Hindutva.