‘Inauguration’ Of the ISKCON Teachers 👩‍🏫Board

Dear Devotee Educators of ISKCON,

ISKCON Ministry of Education has a roadmap for spreading the message of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu to the entire world, but we need your help.

There are many dedicated educators serving Śrīla Prabhupāda mission. Since the recent formation of the ISKCON Teachers Board, we reached out to senior devotees and educators seeking advice on how to improve the quality and reach of ISKCON’s educational programs.

Striving for continual improvement in bringing Śrīla Prabhupāda’s teachings to the entire world, we have taken several steps.

To enthuse and inspire more qualified teachers, we have established guidelines for teacher training programs. We want to facilitate effective training to as many teacher candidates as possible. Qualified teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Hence, we have established different paths by which someone can be certified to teach Prabhupāda’s message.

In support of this growing teacher base, we will provide infrastructure for knowledge and skill sharing. We found there are many educational resources already expertly developed using research-based pedagogy. We will collect and curate these resources for access by anyone who needs them.

As we build our curriculum resource base, we will simultaneously translate these resources into other languages. Teachers on the frontiers will have foundational resources in hand, with the freedom to adapt them as appropriate to deśa, kāla, and pātra.

Before Śrīla Prabhapāda left the planet, he told us we could show our love for him by how well we work together.

If you – –

  • Have interest in teaching from Srila Prabhupada’s book and would like to trained as an authorized teacher; or/and
  • Have curriculum that you have developed and are willing to share, please contact us; or/and
  • Have knowledge of world languages and can assist in translation of curriculum resources; or/and
  • Have experience as an educator and are willing to mentor new teachers; or/and
  • Feel inspired to be part of the new ISKCON Teachers Board (ITB) that will help fulfil the mission.

Then please contact us at office@iskconeducation.org

Thank you.

Your servant,

Tapana Miśra Dāsa
Co-Minister for Education
On behalf of ISKCON Teachers Board