First-Ever Damodara/Diwali Festival at the NHS Centre (National Health Centre, UK)

The Ambulatory Care at Nottingham NHS (National Healthcare) Treatment Centre and the Queens Medical Centre Campus Nottingham hosted their first ever Damodara Programme.

 The Centre, operated by Circle subsidiary Nations Healthcare, handles over 12,000 patient visits per month- including over 2,000 daycase surgical procedures. Approval ratings from patients have reached an incredible 100%!

Here are few of the Celebration Glimpse –

NHS Staff Members attending the Damodara festival
A fortunate staff member offering lamp to Lord Damodara
NHS Staff wishing A Blissful Damodara/Deepawali Festival

Head of the Ambulatory Care, a representative of the BAME community and other dignitaries offered lamps. Nurse Hema Krishna (Sabrina Bhundoo), organised the Lamp offering at the hospital.

There was also melodious kirtan (both audio and video) playing while the lamps were being offered. In addition there was a wonderful altar set up with Radha Damodara in the middle surrounded by colourful decorations.

A beautiful ambience was created. This was the first ever Damodara Festival held at Nottingham NHS (National HealthCare).

Damodarastaka Ki Jai!