Loose Tongue Monster (About Gossip) – By Bhaktimarga Swami

Gossip is a prevalent feature of the human race. Whether in the secular world or even amongst the spiritual communities, the topic of gossip is relevant today, as it is rampant and has damaging effects, hence this poem:

Loose Tongue Monster (About Gossip)

Gossip is the cowardly unofficial occupation of a jerk
Volunteers are either on part or full-time work
Call it a toxic tongue, a plague worse than a pandemic
A dirty and dark behind-the-back dynamic
A casual chat where the truth is not confirmed
A devil’s radio whose broadcast can’t be reversed
Gossipy people have nothing of substance to say
Fabrications from their mouth are always on display
It’s a syndrome, a condition of verbal diarrhea
They are rumour addicts like alcoholics on tequila

Do take note that those who gossip to you
Will inevitably and eventually gossip about you
And those who know so little about you
Suddenly become an authority, having all the goods on you

Perhaps the greatest human offender is the gossiper
Though feeling their contribution has the status of a philosopher
Little do they know that gossip, a lethal weapon
Will act karmically as if to beckon
Like a boomerang that’s suddenly released
And comes back to haunt and strike like a beast

So stay away from this backstabbing game
Stay away from faultfinders who bear no shame
Stay away from Loose Tongue Monsters of Derision
And hold hands with folks who have some vision
A superior investment to being critical
Is to point out the good in an individual
Don’t let that big fat mouth try to obstruct
Two good listening ears poised to reconstruct

Any hope for a rumour monger perhaps is our deep prayer
A call for a miracle, compassion, and help on a major repair