Deep-Rooting, ‘The Vedic Culture 🙏’ in Kids via Krsna’s Cows

Jubilant Gopasthmi Celebrations (2021) in Sri Vrindavan Dham !!

The little champs of KBCDS (Krsna Balram Community Day School, Vrindavan) were invited by Care for Cows (A Brilliant initiative to preserve the Vedic Cow Culture in Vrindavan) to be part of a ‘One day Event’. This was to celebrate Gopasthmi 2021.

The traditional dress for Gopasthmi was the Gopa Vesha (Colorful Turbans & Dhotis for all). The celebrations included Kirtan; Gow Puja; Feast Prasadam etc.

Little KBCDS student trying to stroke a Pinkly Dressed Calf
KBCDS students dressed in Gopavesh, all set to meet the Cows in – Care for Cows, Vrindavan
Gwalas Busy Brushing the Cows
Our Young Gwalas

The Relevance – Sri Gopasthmi

Gopastami, is the day on which Krishna and Balarama and other boys Their age, who previously had tended the calves, were given charge of the cows. This event is described in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.15.1).

In Vrindavan especially, but also the world over, devotees begin the festival by brushing the cows, painting their horns and bodies with artistic designs, and hanging flower garlands around their necks. Then a cow and her calf are selected, and an arati is offered to them. During the arati, devotees sing the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, and then they feed the cow, her calf, and indeed the entire herd, bananas, balls of gur (jaggery), and fresh grasses. Some devotees also recite the following mantra (Hari-bhakti-vilasa 16.252):

agratah santu me gavo
  gavo me santu prsthatah
gavo me parsvatah santu
  gavam madhye vasamyaham

May cows stay in front of me. May cows stay behind me. May cows stay on both sides of me. May I always reside in the midst of cows.

All Glories .. ..!! To Krsna’s Cows & Bulls & his first day of herding ..