How Krsna House impacted Bhakta Gavin?

Gavin is a UF Freshman studying Criminology. Gavin met us at Krishna Lunch, then came to Taco Tuesday, and liked it so much he started coming to Friday Program, too. This week, he came to the whole morning program for the first time and loved it.

”What I like about Krishna House is the people. They all have such a strong individualism, yet they all relate to one thing and that is their love for God and their devotion to Krishna. And being able to be a part of their community, well, not a complete part, touches my heart and it’s really nice to feel that sense of community with them.

Krishna House has really impacted my life. Coming here has made me grateful to be a human. It has given me an opportunity to experience God and the beauties of life. I really hope that it continues to change my life and I think it will.”

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