Krishna Conscious Societies at the Freshers

Krishna Conscious Societies (KCSOC) has been in contact with thousands of university students around the country at Freshers’ Fayres – an event where university societies erect stalls to promote themselves to new and returning students. KCSOC stands for Krishna Consciousness Society and is the university preaching arm of the Bhaktivedanta Manor youth group Pandava Sena. With societies at over 30 different universities across the country and hundreds of active members, KCSOC has been responsible for bringing Krishna Consciousness to the lives of thousands. At our stalls, we’ve managed to talk to students about deeper aspects of life, from meditation, yoga and spirituality to philosophy and God. On one particular day, we had Freshers Fayre stalls at seven different universities and managed to sign up over 650 students!

After an entire year of online sessions during lockdown, KCSOC is extremely excited to announce the return of in-person spirituality sessions, where students discuss philosophy and Krishna over a plate of prasadam. This year marks the return of CTRL ALT RETREAT, KCSOC’s flagship university retreat, where over 300 students experience Krishna Consciousness in the Haveli. Activities include Q&A with a monk, cow care, yoga, mantra meditation and cooking! Check out for more information