Vast New Beachhead for Arabic Books!

Satyanarayana dasa: West Africa is home to large populations of Muslims, and the largest group is found in Nigeria with over 20 million Sufi Muslims. Salika prabhu, a dedicated and long time president of ISKCON Jos in Nigeria, has been doing his best to serve a micro percentage of these by conducting regular study groups of the Bhagavad Gita. But the members of this special study group are always asking him for books in their own sacred language: Arabic.
Their long-expressed desires are about to be fulfilled. Generous benefactors from ISKCON Nairobi, Kenya pledged to give support, and then quickly sent the funds to cover not only the cost of 500 Arabic Gitas and 330 small Arabic books, but the cost of shipping them all by Air Freight as well!

Kesava Prabhu, who used to preach widely in Africa and is currently in Vrindavan, was instrumental in securing those kind donations from donors in Africa itself. He can be seen here rather blissfully getting the cartons ready for pickup and transfer to the New Delhi international airport in a few days. Those donations went to BBT Vrindavan who kindly purchased the Arabic books for this 330 kilogram shipment from our BBT FEME division. BBT Vrindavan sells our Arabic books throughout India, as well as directly to the Middle East wherever possible (Palestine, Kuwait and Bahrain so far). And now, to Africa… Future plans are to get Arabic Gitas to Muslims living in the neighboring African countries – some which already have an ISKCON centre – such as in Burkina Faso, Togo, Senegal and Gambia. And maybe one day, by Krishna’s mercy, this may reach into Northern Africa, a vast area of countries which includes Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. A region home to over 150,000,000 Arabic speakers…