How..Spirituality nurtures🌞..The Youth into a Contemporary Genius ..🎯? #A Ploymath#

Contemporary genius Chaitanya Jivana Das (Chaitanya Luthra) was born in Delhi in 1997 in a Punjabi family. He is a Chartered Accountant, CPA (U.S.A.), and B. Com (Hons.) from Hansraj College, DU. He came in contact with ISKCON, Punjabi Bagh in 2014.

.. Podium Finish – The World’s 🌎 No 1

He has achieved “World Rank 1” four times, viz. in CPA (CA of U.S.A.), World History Scholar’s Cup 🏆(Yale University), World Science Scholar’s Cup 🏆(Yale University), and International Biotechnology Olympiad🏅.

An .. International Champion🏆

He has been National and World Champion in dozens of competitions in Debating, Writing, and Quizzing held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), New York (USA) etc.. He has represented the Nation and Continent in numerous fields. He has been All India Rank Holder in all CA Exams.

U.S. Government gave him the Elijah Watt Sells Award, which is the highest honour in the World in the field of Commerce. He is the Second Indian since 1923 to get this award. He was also commemorated in Vidhan Sabha for Academic Excellence.

.. How aboutThe Scientific Temper ..?

He has discovered an Asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, which was certified by NASA.He has also completed a course on Climate Change from Harvard University.

‘All Work & No play’ – Makes .. Jack – A Dull Boy 👦

He has represented the District, State, and Nation in 7 Sports including Football 🏈, Badminton🏸, Squash, and Athletics🏃. He is trained in Indian Classical and Western Classical music and plays many instruments.

.. The Moolah 💰 Factor !!

He was offered Jobs by many MNCs for Crores of Rupees Per Annum. He instead wants to dedicate his life to ISKCON and is now serving full time ⏰. He is living in ISKCON, Punjabi Bagh and is serving there in various capacities.

Get to know .. more about this Young Spiritual Lad