How to .. ‘Rise🌤in Love’🌈..? – ISKCON Gurugram (India) Monks – – Make a Film on Beating🪂Depression

Depression is indeed a menace 🤯 to society, affecting 264+ million people every year and claiming many lives. Despite a variety of treatments available, people still look for a lifestyle by which they can come out of it.

To help people rise above this problem, the monks at ISKCON Gurugram have come up with a highly appreciated 👏👏 short film – Rise In LoveA story about Defeating Depression”. The film takes us cinematically through the amazing ups and downs in Rahul’s life as he overcomes 🏋‍♀️depression with help of his friend.

Inspired by ISKCON Founder-Acharya- A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s book ‘Nectar of Devotion’. This short film will help people to come out of this calamity by becoming independent observers of their thoughts.

The film has been directed by Rambhadra Das (President, ISKCON Gurugram), Padasevan Bhakta Das is its Assistant Director.

” We saw many youngsters 😎 coming out of depression with help of Bhakti Yoga practices and wisdom taught by ISKCON, so we felt we should make this into a film so that more people can derive benefit from it” – said Rambhadra Das about the inspiration to make the film.

The monks at ISKCON Gurugram have been making very impressive films on social issues. Their last film ” Monks on Mission” won the Best Film Award at Tagore International Film Festival.

Catch, the glimpses of the upbeat .. short film 💤,

here –

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